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15" Rims Wanted

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Hey guys, looking for the 15" rims for my 505 STI. Based in the southern california area.   Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks!  

Had posted looking for a fuel gauge, got that sorted out. 

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welcome jmlabez,

fuel senders for US 505s are difficult to find, since the fuel tank (and thus the sender) for US/Canada sedan models were unique. NOS senders are pretty much gone at this point, your best bet is to check with one of the parts guys in our vendor section for good-condition used. eventually, 505 owners are probably going to have to adapt something from another car or from a universal part.

where are you in SoCal? I'm in west LA. you could check with Ukit in El Monte, he usually has wheels to sell. 642-442-3733. he may also have a fuel sender.


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Hey Andrethx, 

Exactly what Ukit and Brian Holm said to me.  Ukit wasn't sure he was going to find one intact, which is why I posted on here.  Surprisingly this last Friday he happened to have found one! The remains of my old one were in various pieces floating in gasoline... As for rims, he's out of 15s, but as usual he's keeping his ears and eyes open for some. 

I'm over by downtown, Echo Park.  

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