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Strange problems with peugeot factory stereo

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Lately the stereo in my 605 started acting up, first the cd changer stopped reading when cold then started displaying Err 6 code, not the end of the world i have fm transmitter but then the head unit started to shut down on its own and fire up with hi volume on its own, which is very annoying it seems to happen over small bumps in the rear extremely strange, almost like it has a short some place in the rear of the car, but it's getting power even when it won't turn on i can see the button lights light up, has anyone had something similar happen or know where to start my diagnosis, it's an factory clarion head unit with 10 speakers and commands behind the steering wheel also has an 6 cd changer.




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Well the day has come the radio finally died i did took it apart and resolder all the power connections but still will work ones a week, fortunately i'm working most of the time, but driving to and from work is starting to become boring, so the problem i'm facing now is i have a oddly shaped hole at an angle too small for a double din unit and too big for a normal stereo, the slot actually fits a standard stereo but the display is hard to see because of the angle, so now i have to fabricate something, ether drop down the ash try to get the 12mm extra for double din or make an face plat to work with all the angles, if any one has a diagram on how this dash comes apart would be helpful.

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I'm all about keep it factory looking but i've not been able to found a 605 stereo, i've bought a 306 factory stereo thinking i could cut the side plastics and make it match the angle of the driver oriented dash but the angles are so off it looked ugly, so bit the bullet and order one of those generic touch screen double din stereos and took my dash apart and took a angle grinder to make room. Having an somewhat good equipped machine shop in my garage come in handy for making the steel brackets and for the sides i crudely cut couple of plastic filler panels wich i plan to redo. With this stereo also come and reversing camera, which i installed in the licence plate holder, peugeot was kind enough to place holes and rubber grommets in the right place so i used them, did not have to drill any holes i used row rubber on all my connections an routed them inside the trunk to make this install last for a long time.









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