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Warning Lights Don't Illuminate When Starting

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So, like most cars, the Peugeot is supposed to illuminate various warning lights in the cluster when you first turn the key on, but before you start the engine so you can confirm that the bulb is good and know that it will work if something goes wrong. In addition, the oil temp gauge is supposed to show the oil level when the key is on and the engine is not running. However, on my car, the only lights that are illuminating before starting the engine are the battery light, the yellow "knock" LED, and the "BRAKE" light. The oil level function isn't working, either.

However, I have noticed that many of these lights do, in fact, work when the car is running. The low coolant light works, the fuel reserve light works, and the trans temp light works for certain, and I suspect that others are fine, too.

What would cause these lights to work when the car is running, but not illuminate prior to startup as they should?

Peugeot Gauge 1.JPG

Peugeot Gauge 2.JPG

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Check the low oil pressure switch on the engine block, this one doesn't need any trick to illuminate before start.
The missing warning lights may be wired with the low oil pressure switch to illuminate before start.

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Ok, but...which one is the oil pressure sensor? I know the oil level sensor is in the pan on the left of the engine, below the oil filter, but I can’t say which is the oil pressure sensor.

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