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1991 505 Turbo MAF

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Hi Folks!  I just bought a 1991 505 SW8 Turbo and I need to get a new MAF.  I have looked at all of the usual places like RockAuto and other online parts stores and have not found one.  Are these still available?  Will I need to find a used one?  If anyone has a good one for sale, please let me know.


Thanks, Scott Barnes

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Hi Scott,

Very doubtful you'll find a new VAF (Vane Air Flow vs Mass Air Flow), so used is likely your only route.  May I ask why you need a new MAF?  I've never personally had to replace one - curious what symptoms you're getting.  More common issue is the intake hose from the VAF to the turbo cracks.  Also NLA - but easier to make something.


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