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505 turbo Power Steering

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I have an 86 turbo. I bought it for $500 nine years ago, and that included a 60 mile delivery to my door.  I originally bought it for parts. it was rough around the edges, and the engine was toast..

Six years ago, I swapped out the engine, and put her back on the road.  She had been setting for 18 years in a garage.

Anyway, I am still driving it (my beloved beater).

Recently, the power steering rack had a slow leak of fluid that turned into a torrent.

Well now.  I did a snippy-snippy on the P/S belt.

I gotta say, things are going swimmingly, as while I don't have power steering anymore, I gained a genuine feel of the wheel, especially at highway speed.   A few years ago, I applied some grease to the rack and pinion gears (under the steering rack boot), so the resistance is reasonably firm; and,  um, nothing that I can't handle.  

As a side benefit, my arms get a workout whenever I drive it.  It is a whole lot more fun than an exercise machine!


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