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N9TE Engine Rebuild

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I'm planning to rebuild the engine for my 1986 Peugeot 505 2.2 Turbo Injection. 
I want to make the engine good for around 400+ HP and I'm looking for the following parts: 

- Cylinder head gasket (reinforced)

- Engine gasket kit

- Set of 8 connecting rod bearings

- Set of 10 half crankshaft bearings 

- Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

- Simple distribution kit (chain + tensioner)

- ARP studs for the cylinderhead


Do you guys know where I can buy quality parts for my N9TE?
I know of www.politecnic.com but they dont got everything I need :(


Where you do guy buy your 505Ti parts? 

I already have the Garrett GT3076R turbo, custom forged nascar-spec pistons with gapless rings, ARP conrod bolts etc.

If you know any other parts or things that might be useful to replace/upgrade, please let me know. 




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Welcome Endre!

Arp doesn't make head studs, but I just added this topic that covers options in detail:  

I figured the most cost effective option is the one that uses Porsche 944 head stud nuts with the ARP fasteners.

The other parts are very rare, but these guys came to the rescue a while back: https://www.mespiecesauto.com/?swoof=1&product_cat=peugeot-505-turbo-injection

Big question now will be what your plan is for standalone engine management system and tuning?  Injectors?  Plans for exhaust manifold?  Any changes to the intake manifold?

Pictures of the parts so far would be awesome as well.


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Thank you for your reply @Bean, and your post about head studs!

My plan for the engine management system is to use Electronic fuel injection with bigger injectors. Haven't decided on a brand yet, that depends a bit on what brand the "tuning-guy" prefers!

Currently I dont have any particular plans for the exhaust manifold.
As for the intake manifold I hope to reuse the original intake, maybe give it to a guy to enhance the flow-rate.



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The T3 on the car has a proprietary turbo flange - so does the 3076 fit the stock exhaust housing?  If so most are .36 A/R with only the 89' turbo getting the slightly larger .48 A/R housing.

If the 3076 has the stock T3 flange then you'll either need to mod the stock manifold by welding the T3 flange on, or go with a custom manifold.

Some have gone with a custom T3/T4 hybrid using the stock housing as well which makes things a little easier as well.

Standalone done here have been Megasquirt, I decided to go with VEMS a few years back, but I also picked up an SDS system a while back for my 505 sw8.

Injectors I'd recommend Injector Dynamics as you need to run pretty big injectors and ID's have great reputation for quality.  Bosch are always nice too - I've got some green giants (465cc) for the wagon.


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