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Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

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Thanks Bean.  I googled it.  Search is tough on this site.

It’s just a plug and play part?

I ordered the Uro parts brand relay, or actually it may be Volvo 3 523 639 , used from eBay.  We’ll give it a whirl for $8.

one of those compression fitting from the line replacement had a drip.  The one between the accumulator and possibly return line, a wye shape of metal line.

we’re expecting a snow storm this weekend.  I’m glad it’s not dead in my gravel driveway, but the clink the auto transmission made from neutral to whatever gear while being loaded on the flatbed will make me think twice if there’s a next time.  Part should hopefully be here before he needs to move it to see the leak, and hopefully this gets it moving.  Couldn’t find one local.

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I’m thinking I should just get a new pump installed while it’s there.  


airtex e8150

gsl392 kit?  

Any pump recommendations?  


There’s some fuel getting from the tank to at least the accumulator, enough to drip from the leak, which has me considering a bad lower pump.  There wasn’t any pressure on the line between the rear of accumulator and possibly the return/supply 


Is the tank pump available?  Any part numbers?

could I use a Volvo pump with an attached regulator reservoir In lieu of the in tank pump?  Can the in tank pump be left in place even if it isn’t working?  Or would the dead pump impede the second pump?

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