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Peugeot To Return to U.S. By 2026

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Today, PSA Group announced that Peugeot will lead their return to the U.S. market. According to a Peugeot spokesperson, “Even though Peugeot left in 1991 ... the awareness of the brand and the opinion of the brand are still strong ... so, we have a strong starting point with which to start the discussion with consumers.”

Article here, on Automotive News: https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/peugeot-brand-will-lead-psas-return-us

Another interesting detail from the same spokesperson: “There’s over 1,500 Peugeots still registered and running in the U.S. ... Ironically, the highest concentration is in Alabama.”

An exclusive club, for sure! I doubt that modern Peugeot (Twogeot? Newgeot?) will provide any help with finding parts, though.

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It already does.  Peugeot Classic makes a wide range of new parts that have been unavailable for decades now.

I'll consider buying one as my next and last new car, probably a hybrid or electric.  My 2008 Benz should last to 400,000 km if not 500,000.  Then I'll be looking for a final daily driver - the 404C will be a good weather only car.

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