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Last weekend I fitted the oil filter re-location flange and had a first look at the new clutch release bearing. I need to change the bearing, since the clutch is meant for 50 mm OD bearing and the stock is 45 mm. I tested it with the old one, but it will cause problems since the clutch “nails” are too short for it, i.e. the clutch bearing could get stuck.




I also managed to continue the oil sump. It is almost ready, I just need to test fit it to the engine with the dry sump pump to ensure the proper lining of the pump. Then I need to TIG weld the rest of the seams of the sump from the inside also. Then I’ll make the suction points for the scavenge and cut out the excessive parts off the dry sump pump fitting plate.





I’ll try to work out the summary next, I think I did overthink it too much...


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Coming along very well Wales - Oil pan looks great!  Is the welding still being done with your mig?  

Just occurred to me that the shift fork might also need some beefing up as the new clutch likely has a much higher clamping force and may stress it some more.  I've seen and heard the shift fork arm cracking - but shouldn't be too hard to reinforce.


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