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  2. The distributor shares a lot with 80’s VW - same cap, and module I’m quite sure as I used the guts of one to change it to a single window set up to replicate a cam sensor for VEMS using VW distributor parts. They come apart pretty easy, and parts for them should be easy to get since they’re essentially the same as VW. Will see if I can get some pics of ignition trouble shooting this weekend. Rabin
  3. Does anyone have any historical information on Peugeot Canada from 1957-1992? I am attempting to write on article for a couple foreign Peugeot Clubs on Peugeots History in North America. Any assistance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I recently acquired an early 1980's Peugeot 505 sales brochure and the 505 series is based on the European 505 series (GR/SR) and not the 505's available in the United States (Base, S, STI). An Early Canadian Peugeot sales brochure that I have has a Lion Peugeot logo as the Canadian Distributor and later sales brochures have a Peugeot Canada/Peugeot Motors of America logo as the Canadian Distributor.
  4. Hey been a while trying to get the car running I lost spark now!?!? I'm not getting spark reference at the coil I replaced ignition module but still nothing I suspect the hall sensor in the distributor but not sure and I can't get the distributor apart which wire coming out of the distributor is the reference? I need to get this thing going got family trips planned. I replaced the fuel pump with one pump in the tank doing away with the 2 pump set up all I've been able to do is get the car to sputter a couple of times when first trying it then nothing after the first couple of sputters unless it sits for 10 minutes then it'll sputter again I need to check fuel pressure. But I was thinking the weights in the distributor were sticking so I sprayed the inside of the distributor with wd40 so I might have screwed it up
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  6. Thanks for the help! I have an 87 and have not had to put any new brake parts on it yet. Was wondering how much of a challenge it is, with the exception of the front rotors. I guess you're saying the flex hoses listed on RockAuto are too short and won't work?
  7. I agree Rock Auto is hit and miss when it comes to peugeot parts, I buy a lot, but you have to know what to buy and investigate the parts they are offering. This goes for all brands, some of their after market parts are inferior especially mounts. Aftermarket companies go by dimensions to make their parts sometimes they forget the engineering. It calls for certain material type and durometer to be OEM equivalent. Flex lines are too short.
  8. Yes the ABS rotors are difficult to find, the rest is available. But one can make a 944 rotor fit with some modifications and machined parts.
  9. I originally purchased new a 91 Mi16. In '99 my brother took ownership as I bought a new car and he needed a car. For numerous reasons the car sat idle in his garage for the last 15 years. I always liked the car and it was sad seeing the car sit there so I decided to bring it back home and try to get it road worthy again. The current plan is to tow the car to a mechanic who used to work on Peugeots so he can itemize what needs to be done. My experience maintaining cars myself is limited but willing to try with the help of this great forum. Lots of very pertinent information here. Once I have the list I can decide what I can do myself (with others) and what I need the mechanic for. Open to any suggestions as to a starting point, recommended tools and a source for parts / manuals. Thanks to Bean for his help in getting me started here. I understand there may be a couple of neighbours (relatively speaking). I am about an hour+ north west of Toronto
  10. Looking for an irresistible deal on a bra for my 86 505. I’ll definitely post photos of it on my car. please let me know what you have. -NY
  11. I LOVE your eclectic tastes in cars - I'm very much the same way, although I've only really "collected" Peugeot. My wife dailies a 08' BMW 535xi M-Sport Touring, and I have an 06 V70R GT, and all the Peugeot's have been relegated to projects. I'm sorely missing them however, so I want to sell the Volvo and focus on DD'ing a Peugeot again. Would happily help you with a Skoda or Dacia - but they're rare birds up here. Sweet spot environment wise in Canada would be Southern Alberta, and in BC... That'd be the best chance of finding one in nice shape with little to no rust, and nice interiors. Keep us posted on the brakes - The only thing it really can be in my view would be the master cylinder at this point. Might be worth undoing the circlip and disassemblying the plunger to make sure all the seals are installed correctly if nothing else. Rabin
  12. That's cool you like all cars. I do as well. Awesome story about Stig and Pike's Peak. What a experience of a lifetime! My dream would have been to crew for Michele Mouton when she ran the hill and pissed off the Unsers. The eye candy would have been an added bonus 😉 I regularly attend the STPR here in PA. Good times. Sent you a couple emails with pics and stories of my cars. Ok, my other cars over the years. In no particular order. Laforza (2), NSU (7), Goggomobil (2), Yugo, (3), '04 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo, Borgward Isabella, Lloyd Alexander, Subaru 360 van, IH Scouts (10+), Dodge Power Wagons (3), Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80, '99 Mini Cooper on 10's, 1956 Powell Sport Wagon, ex-SCCA PRO Rally Eclipse, '80 Toyota HiLux, '75 IH pickup, '66 IH Travelall, '70 Dodge D-100, Zundapp Janus 250, bunch of dual-range Subes, etc. My tool box consists of a can of PB Blaster, breaker bar and a torch. JK Since you are way up in Canada maybe you can help me find a decent Skoda or Dacia. That's next on the want list. Glutton for punishment, ya know? Thanks for the support. Rudy
  13. Wow Rudy - Now I need to know what these other cars are! I love all cars really. Any examples of your work paint wise? I'm also a big rally fan, and was a crew chief on a Canadian pro-rally team in the late 90's. My biggest / best automotive achievement to date however was joining a team from the UK that was running a Ford RS200evo at Pike's Peak International Hill Climb - The driver was Stig Blomqvist! Funny part of the the opportunity was that the team principle later told me that he chose me because in my e-mail application I mentioned that I daily'd a Peugeot 505 Turbo! He said he had to look on a map to see where Regina Saskatchewan was, and that anybody that could daily a Peugeot in the middle of nowhere had to be able to think outside the box. Back to your ride - TOTALLY hear you on the support vehicle look - There's some pics in the gallery of some I found. Rabin
  14. Rabin - Thanks again for your help. Most appreciated! We do collision work for one of the local Audi dealers and one of their techs had a run of 505's and a lone 404. He offered to help me out with the car since it's now in my warehouse and out of Tim's hair. Oh, for sure Tim is a good mechanic. ASE Master certified. We use him on occasion when we are slammed. Which we are right now. Crash season is not until October and we are still booked out until early August with 7 DRP's and customer pays. But I'm not complaining! LOL on your comment on getting a set of tools (reminded me of the Fast Times movie quote). Sad to say I'm a one trick pony. I run a collision center but still paint around 25% of the cars. I have 5 cars in museums including the Petersen in LA, 3 at the Lane Motor Museum (all NSU's) and one in the Nissan Heritage Collection (U.S.); plus numerous cars and trucks in Hemmings Motor News calendars and various magazines. Like I mentioned in my first post I never had a French car but always wanted one. Being a massive rally fan from way back I enjoyed their success on the Safari in the 60's to the Group B 205's and beyond...I was thinking of transforming my break into a retro service vehicle "look" with a large rack on top and some Cibie Super Oscars or Marchals up front. I'll sign off here. Thanks again for your help and comments. Ciao! Rudy
  15. Looking for 1982 505s diesel starter motor. cal Tim at 2 0 3 six six 7 5 eight eight 7
  16. Bench bleeding is more of a curiousity as it usually is the solution if the MC won’t/can’t push any fluid. All four corners bleed fine correct? Not having the suspension loaded when bleeding the brakes means the rear wheels won’t bleed properly. If the rear wheel cylinders bled OK then you should be fine. The only thing that makes sense now is the MC is somehow retaining residual braking pressure on the front calipers. Hard to diagnose further without knowing how much fluid is coming out with each pump of the brake when bleeding it out, as well as how the pedal feel is when pushing the fluid out. Total aside - But you really should give some serious thought into buying some tools and tackling some of the easy jobs as Peugeot ownership isn’t kind to folks who can’t do their own work! Hopefully Tim is a GOOD mechanic. These are very easy cars to work on, and basic common sense and good troubleshooting is all that’s really needed to work on them. Rabin
  17. Hi Rabin - I can verify 100% certain both front brakes are binding/hanging/braking. I do not know if Tim bench bled the MC. I will ask him. I do know both times he bled the brakes he used a power bleeder. We put on new rubber brake lines as part of the brake service. I had a spongy pedal before this all started. A very bad pedal but the car still stopped. Brian Holm identified that the master cylinder (which was newish) was wrong and was for a sedan. Then Tim found a weeping LR wheel cylinder which was replaced. As mentioned when those parts were installed I had a *perfect* pedal. Thanks for your continued help and suggestions. Rudy
  18. Hi Rudy, Can you verify both front wheels are binding / braking? The only thing it can be is the master cylinder - it must be keeping residual pressure on the brakes as you use them. Ive only ever seen it happen when the check valve on booster wasn’t working and the booster would gradually apply braking. An internally collapsed rubber brake line was my only other thought, but the rear brake trick wouldn’t work then. MC is the only thing I can think of. Was it bench bled before it was installed? And no - that proportioning valve never has buggered up braking that I’m aware of, but they can start leaking which means a spongy pedal. Rabin
  19. Rabin - I pulled the vacuum line off the booster (left the hose attached to the air box) and plugged it will a bolt and tightened it with a #4 hose clamp. Took it for a test run and the brakes started hanging up again. My quick fix is to pull up on the e-brake which immediately reduces the drag but the problem eventually comes back. Do you think it could be the proportioning valve acting? I heard they can get funky being so old and to replace them with a "T" to bypass the prop valve's function. My tech says that the prop valve controls the rear brakes only. I think he may be wrong. Still do not know if bleeding the brakes with all 4 wheels on the ground is for sedans only (4 wheel disc) of if that pertains to wagons as well. I certainly appreciate your suggestion. Has anyone else had this problem? Or know of a remedy? Thanks!! Rudy
  20. The plastic automatic shift handle has just started to crack on my 1987 PEUGEOT 505. Does anyone have any potential sources for NOS automatic shift handles? I was provided with the following Peugeot Part Number: #240033. Thank you. Sean
  21. John, Good Morning! Please let me know if you still have any of the Peugeot 505 15" TRX alloy wheels available. If the wheels are still available can you forward me a picture? Do the wheels have any damage? Would the wheels be easily refinished? Also, do you have any plastic Peugeot center caps? Any other Peugeot 505 parts? Thanks, Sean
  22. Bill, Good Morning! Do you have any of the Peugeot 505 Owner's Manuals, Maintenance Record Books, Dealer Directories still available from your 1986 Peugeot 505 Turbo? Thanks, Sean
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  24. Funny you should mention crows feet. I lost a flare crows foot somewhere in the rear lower control arm when figuring out the size on the fittings on the rear proportioning valve. seems steering hose could potentially be GM 5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump?
  25. A good hydraulic shop should be able to re-use fittings and hardline sections. Just make sure to double check ends when they’re out to make sure none of the ends or lines have any cracks. BTW - Crows feet wrench ends can be found that can sometimes come in handy for removing lines - they can even be had in the flared end style that are less prone to slipping as the metal is very soft. Rabin
  26. The lowest hard line on my steering rack has a weepy drip, likely from corrosion. It’s a larger diameter than the brake lines. I don’t have any of the tools to make flares anyway, but may purchase a brake line flare tool, and may seek one with the appropriate crush fitting to form the steering line flares. I’ve noticed what looks like a banjo fitting on the hose from the pump to the hardline into the rack. I haven’t noticed any banjo ended pressure hoses available. Could a hydraulic line shop reuse my old banjo fitting end on a new line?, something flexible, but I’d still need a 180° bend before the rack fitting. I’d be bypassing a junction
  27. Thanks so much Rabin. Will try your suggestion this weekend and report back how it works out. 👍
  28. N9TE - thanks for the reply! Will see if others can chime in on what parts are hard to find for the ABS equipped cars, other than the front rotors....
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